RSGB consulting on their new Direct-To-Full exam

RSGB consulting on their new Direct-To-Full exam

Proposed Direct-To-Full Exam - credit Exam HamThe RSGB’s Examination Standards Committee has launched a consultation to ask for the views of the amateur radio community on a new, Direct to Full licence exam which would run in parallel with the existing three-tier system.

Key points:

• A single 75-question multiple-choice exam (2.5 hours)
• You can take the exam online from your own home
• No need to take lower level exams (Foundation or Intermediate)
• Theory-only, no practicals required
• Pass mark 50/75 (67%)
• As per existing online exams, instant results at the end of the exam, and if passed, UK Full callsign typically within a week
• An exam pass will give you the internationally recognised HAREC qualification

The background to this consultation and a link to the proposed syllabus can be found on the RSGB website:

There is also a link to a short survey which asks specific questions but also gives you an opportunity to add additional comments or questions.

The consultation will run until Sunday, March 14, after which the Society will gather the results and announce them in due course.

We would encourage everyone to take part in this consultation.

An overview can be seen on the Essex Ham site at

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